There’s a kind of low key party atmosphere that comes with seeing shows on a Sunday night. You’re in better control of your party vices and but just as willing to dance like nobody’s watching. Last night LCD Soundsystem fans poured into the Air Canada Centre in Toronto for a nice and early set that started promptly at 8:45pm. The lower bowl and floor was packed with longtime fans of the band as well as what seemed like a few new ones ready to witness their new album American Dream live, and of course the older jams from Sound Of Silver, This Is Happening, and their first self-titled album.

They performed for a full two hours, acknowledging there would be no encore, but instead a quick break in the middle of the set. They played a good mix cuts including “Someone Great,” “Home,” “Dance Yrself Clean,” and “All My Friends” from the older side of their discography, as well as newer tracks like “Oh Baby,” “Other Voices,” “Tonight,” and of course the album’s title track “American Dream.”

They also brought out guest Jazz musician Jason Green for vocals on a couple tracks before shooting out some LED balloons onto the crowd near the end for the big finish. While some complained the stadium wasn’t as it could have been, we still danced ourselves clean on the floor.

Check out some photos from the show below now.