Japanese Garage Rock legends Guitar Wolf brought their stellar live show to Toronto’s Horseshoe Tavern on Tuesday night. While it’s been three years since they’ve put out a record, and 29 years together as a band, they packed out The Horseshoe Tavern and shredded their way through a monumental set. Even without the novelty of coming out in Dinosaur masks, and impressively chugging a beer while wear it, the band was remarkably tight and the heaving, sweaty crowd ate every bit of it up. They had a tough act to follow to as Nashville’s Hans Condor put on a non-stop blistering assault of a set which only got more ridiculous as it went, culminating with singer Chazz Kaster leaping off a raised platform to catch his guitar being thrown to him by an audience member, quickly followed by him accidentally tumbling backwards off the stage and not missing a beat. Toronto’s King Creep kicked the night off with a short but sweet set of garage rock tunes.

Guitar Wolf

Guitar Wolf-1 Guitar Wolf-2 Guitar Wolf-4 Guitar Wolf-5 Guitar Wolf-9 Guitar Wolf-10 Guitar Wolf-11 Guitar Wolf-12 Guitar Wolf-14 Guitar Wolf-16

Hans Condor

Hans Condor-2 Hans Condor-5 Hans Condor-6 Hans Condor-9 Hans Condor-12 Hans Condor-13 Hans Condor-14 Hans Condor-15 Hans Condor-16 Hans Condor-17

King Creep

King Creep-4 King Creep-5 King Creep-6 King Creep-8 King Creep-9