Live Music: Foxygen at Wrongbar in Toronto

Foxygen at Wrongbar in Toronto

Last Thursday we stopped by Wrongbar to check out indie revivalists Foxygen. We’ve been enjoying their latest album, We are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace and Magic, released earlier this year to critical acclaim. However, it’s clear from their live show that the band still has some room to grow outside of the studio. Openers Crumbs got the evening off to a loud, strange start and it only continued from there. The openers reminded us of Animal Collective at their most gratiating. The music was listenable but the strained guttural screams from the band’s multiple singers, made from some strange jams.

Two of the members of Crumbs joined singer Sam France on stage for the live interpretation of Foxygen’s tracks. Sound troubles and inadequate mic stands made for a bumpy start as France seemed to channel Crumbs’ vocals, screaming and yelling through the normally listenable songs from their two most recent albums.

We were fighting the packed crowd at first, as we all strained to watch the unrestrained energy France had throughout the band’s sweaty set. However, as the band played through their fairly short setlist, the crowd dissipated slowly from song-to-song. This was a reflection of the band slowly losing the audience with each mic breakdown or increasingly longer breaks between songs. We hope this is more of a result of a strong studio band finding their feet on stage, than it is a true representation of the band’s live sound.

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