FLAG, the band comprised of Keith Morris, and other past members of Black Flag brought an all-star punk  line up to Toronto’s Lee’s Palace on Thursday night. In addition to the punk legends, they also brought equally revered Canadian punk band D.O.A, the incendiary and amazing War On Women, and Dundas Ontario’s own The Dirty Nil.


Flag-1 Flag-4 Flag-5 Flag-6 Flag-9 Flag-13


DOA-9 DOA-12 DOA-14 DOA-15 DOA-3 DOA-7 DOA-8

War On Women

War On Women-12War On Women-3 War On Women-4 War On Women-6 War On Women-7 War On Women-11 War On Women-16

The Dirty Nil

The Dirty Nil-11 The Dirty Nil-3 The Dirty Nil-4 The Dirty Nil-8 The Dirty Nil-10