New York state’s Diet Cig made their first trip to Toronto on Monday night at the Drake Hotel. The two piece band has been making big waves, and though their first time in the city wasn’t the most well attended show, they still played with boundless energy. Singer Alex Luciano was a joy to watch as she bounced to and fro across the stage, with frequent high kicks and climbing anything she could find that suited it.

Luciano made a point to discuss how their shows should be an inclusive and welcoming space, encouraging those who may not be bold enough to make sure that they were able to enjoy the show. While they only played a short set, understandable with only a 7inch and an EP released, they made a remarkable impression on the crowd.  Opening support came from Philadelphia’s Free Cake For Every Creature, who despite playing a set of quiet indie rock, made a good impression on the audience.

Diet Cig

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Free Cake For Every Creature

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