Live Music: Cut Copy at Danforth Music Hall, Toronto

Cut Copy Danforth Music Hall 2013

Friday night a huge crowd of Cut Copy fans gathered at a rather sweaty Danforth Music Hall to dance to Aussie synth pop and “excessive strobe lights” (according to a sign outside). It’s been a while since we’ve been to show with that much love in the room, but after a decade of making music, Cut Copy managed to draw nearly every music fan in Toronto out of their homes for one hell of a show.

With no shortage of hits to call on they started their set off with the title track from their new album Free Your Mind, and flipped back and forth through tracks from Zonoscope, In Ghost Colours, Bright Like Neon Love, being careful not to alienate any of their fans with too much old music or new. Lead vocalist Dan Whitford expressed his love to Toronto right off the bat, saying how much they always enjoy playing for us, even thought they only played for just over an hour. And a soon as they finished playing “Need You Now” not one fan in the room headed for the door, patiently waiting for them to come back on stage to play “Meet Me in the House of Love” and the epic “Lights and Music.”

We had the pleasure of interviewing the band before the show and gained some insight into their creative process, their love for coffee, how they stay sane on tour, and just how much they hate it when people yell “Aussie Aussie Aussie” at their shows. Stay tuned for the video interview in the coming days and check out some photos, videos, and their set list below.

Cut Copy Danforth Music Hall 2013-2

Cut Copy Danforth Music Hall 2013-6

Cut Copy Danforth Music Hall 2013-3

Cut Copy Danforth Music Hall 2013-4

Cut Copy Danforth Music Hall 2013-7

Cut Copy Danforth Music Hall 2013-5

Cut Copy Set List, November 15th 2013:

Free Your Mind
Where I’m Going
Feel The Love
In Memory Capsule
So Haunted
Hearts On Fire
That Was Just a Dream
Zap Zap
Nobody Lost, Nobody Found
Strangers in the Wind
Take Me Over
Out There on the Ice
Let Me Show You Love
We Are Explorers
Need You Now

Meet Me in the House of Love
Lights and Music