Live Music: Broods at the Danforth Music Hall, Toronto

Broods at Massey Hall 5

It’s probably been around a year since you first heard of Broods. But since then, they’ve toured the world, played alongside the likes of Ellie Goulding/Sam Smith, and released their first full length album “Evergreen”. And oddly enough, in that order, thanks to a career trajectory experienced only by a small few.

Needless to say, The Danforth Music Hall was packed to capacity in anticipation for the pair’s Toronto sophomore performance (having played the Drake Hotel last May for CMW). Everything from this show felt elevated from their last stop. Caleb held down the synth keys and samples, while his sister grooved and bounced from side stage to side stage through their 14 song set. Covering material from both the old EP and the new LP, Gorgia quickly had the crowd swooning with her better-in-life vocals and hypnotic dance moves.

After leaving the stage pre-encore, the Danforth exploded in literally the loudest we’ve ever heard the venue. They returned with “Superstar” followed by “Mother and Father”, which basically brought the entire house down.

Take a look at our show pictures below, and catch our interview with Broods we did last year at the bottom.

Broods at Massey Hall 1

Broods at Massey Hall 2

Broods at Massey Hall 3

Broods at Massey Hall 4

Broods at Massey Hall 7

Broods at Massey Hall 8

Sidewalk Hustle TV: An Interview with Broods from Sidewalk Hustle on Vimeo.