Live Music: Bayside and Senses Fail at the Opera House, Toronto

Senses Fail 2

So, time flies hey? It’s insane to think it’s been over fifteen years since Bayside has joined the business of making top notch post-punk anthems. So, in celebration of that, we spent our Sunday evening at their birthday reunion tour at the Opera House.

While we’re dating ourselves here, it’s also been over ten years since the release of Senses Fail’s first full length “Let It Enfold You”, who brought out the evening’s more rambunctious crowd happenings. Front man Buddy Nielsen not only ran the Opera House through new and old material, but also a handful of motivational speeches on race, terrorism and sexuality.

But while everyone was moshing around for SF, they were saving their voices for Bayside. Starting things off with “Pigsty”, their 20 song set was supported by a massive amount of crowd participation and sing-along. The birthday party wrapped up nicely with a spirited encore of “Devotion and Desire”.

Check out our snaps below.

Senses Fail 1

Bayside 1

Bayside 2

Bayside 3

Bayside 4

Bayside 5

Bayside 6

Bayside 7