Live Music: Austra, Rituals, & Weaves at The Phoenix in Toronto

Austra at Pheonix Toronto September 2013

I knew I liked Toronto’s Austra before their Friday night show at the Phoenix. I knew they sounded kind of like Florence and the Machine (an obviously plus), they were nominated for the Polaris Prize a couple of years ago, and were an all around good time. Despite knowing all of this, I had only listened to their music occasionally, so I was very much a blank canvas for the  show.

There were two openers for the evening, the first being Weaves, that band that will be loveable no matter what. Their grunge-reggae-punk (what?) music started the night off well.

Weaves Toronto Austra Sept 2013

Next up was Rituals; these guys were amazing. You know that one song by that one band on your iTunes… and every time it shuffles on, you go, “Man, this is awesome. Who’s it by?!” This is that band. Think dancey gothic indie rock. Then add drinks. Dance parties.

Rituals Toronto Austra Sept 2013

Finally, 11pm crept up and Austra took the stage. This was a happy moment. The hometown crowd was there to support every song, and all of Katie Stelmanis’ whirls and dances. Jumping back and forth between Polaris-nominated Feel It Break and newly released Olympia, they had their fans dancing on their toes all night. Their hour of heavy pop beats has made me a devoted fan and i’ll definitely be at their next show.

Check out some photos below.

Austra at Pheonix Toronto September 2013 Kate Stelmanis

Austra at Pheonix Toronto September 2013 Bassist Dorian Wolf

Austra at Pheonix Toronto September 2013 Katie Stelmanis2

Austra at Pheonix Toronto September 2013 Live

Photos By Matt Shore