Radiohead’s c is here to help you shake off those Monday Blues. Yorke took over the start of BBC Radio 1 Phil Taggart’s show to share a 30 minute “Bedtime Mix.” The tracks in the mix include Holden’s “Triangle Folds Inside Out,” Laurie Spiegel’s “The Unquestioned Answer,” William Winant’s “Trackings I,” Radiohead b-side “Melatonin,” and a live recording from Yorke of “Bloom.” Yorke stated:

“I spend a lot of time listening and writing music while half-asleep, music that evolves quietly and slowly like the weather, like nature. Machinery bending time—I love that shit. If you’re still awake by the end of it, I’ve done something wrong. Night night. Lights out.”

It’s best you bookmark this page and save it for tonight. Take aside some time for yourself with a glass of wine and listen to Thom Yorke’s “Bedtime Mix” above, or visit the BBC Radio 1 site to listen.