Lioness – "You’re My Heart" Video

If you don’t already know Toronto’s Lioness, for shame dear reader, because they’re pretty darn cool and you’re really are missing out.

Vanessa Fischer’s hauntingly soulful voice is the perfect centre piece to Jeff Scheven’s hard hitting drums and Ronnie Morris’s throbbing melodic bass lines. The result is a truly distinctive guitar-less disco meets alternative indie rock sound.

Rising out of the ashes from defunct bands No Dynamics and Controller.Controller, the band is overflowing with musical experience and passion. They’ve opened for Hercules and Love Affair, You Say Party! We Say Die!, The Cult, Grand Analog, and K-OS, to name a mere few, and are planning to release a brand new full-length album this fall!

On the sidelines front-gal Vanessa designs costumes and styles for music videos, television, and theatricals for a ton of local and international artists and performers, in addition to writing the emotive dream-inspired lyrics for the band. I recently had the delightful opportunity to speak with Vanessa in more detail about her incredible artistic dexterity both within the band and on the sidelines. Keep checking this week sidewalkustle to read the exclusive juicy tidbits about Vanessa’s current project working with You Say Party! We Say Die! on their upcoming video!

If you haven’t already seen the Lioness video below you’re in for a treat! In the week prior to filming it last June Vanessa constructed 10 different costumes changes for herself in addition to styling Ronnie and Jeff’s looks. Inspired by the 1920’s cult-classic sci-fi film Metropolis, the video for “You’re My Heart” features Vanessa being transformed by her band mates into a robot with a human heart.