Lindsay Lohan Launches Men’s Clothing Line Named “My Addiction”


Everyone’s favourite teen-movie-star-turned-rehab-resident Lindsay Lohan has launched a men’s capsule collection with Civil Clothing, daringly named “My Addiction” on December 12. The fact that the line is for urban menswear is strange, but even stranger is the chosen name- was she being cheeky in alluding to her 6+ stints at rehab in the last 5 years? Either way, Lohan looks amazing in the first few sneak peek photos of her My Addiction line. She seems to be the only model thus far; let’s hope we get to see some actual men wearing these stylishpieces sometime soon.

The line is affordably priced (we’re talking about long sleeved shirts in the $30-$35 US range) and is available at PacSun locations across the Unites States. All of the pieces chosen for the initial photo shoot are black and white, and feature baseball-like jersey cuts, oversized tees and beanies. Looks like a cool, comfortable menswear collection… but will the modern urban male be comfortable saying they’re wearing the “Lindsay Lohan line”? We have yet to find out. We wish Lindsay good luck with her menswear line, and may we also say she looks radiant and healthy? #getitgirl