Lil Wayne’s New Prison Website ‘Weezy Thanx You’

While Lil Wayne serves a year-long prison sentence for gun possession, his incredible PR/Street team has launched a brand new website called Weezy Thanx You, to keep him connected to his fans, and from becoming irrelevant.  The first, and so far only post is from Wayne thanking everyone for supporting him, as well as including responses to a few specific letters actually sent to him via snail mail.

Conceptually the site is a great idea, it is a way for Wayne to keep relevant in this ever changing, super short-memory-span world of pop culture, as well as I suppose, giving him something to do, other then gripping the soap tightly. On the site you’ll find the prison mailing address, a count down clock to his expected release, and of course a store selling Free Weezy T-shirts for $29.99.