Tilda, the first ever AI artist, is set to make World Environment Day (June 5) one to remember.

After collaborating with Seoul-based label Greedilous at New York Fashion Week, Tilda will now launch an exclusive Digital Upcycling Project with a focus on improving our carbon footprint.

Tilda was developed by LG AI Research and operates on Exaone, the company’s “hyper scale” AI. This marks the AI artist and activist’s first solo collection made up of upcycled garments based on her experience at NYFW. The project sees the work of Japanese craftsmanship, specifically the ‘Boro stitching’ technique, and the secondhand denim and colour combos help reimagine was sustainable fashion could represent.

30 garments have been created from repurposed, both physical and digital, materials. The collection consists of 13 jackets, 14 trousers, and 3 hats. Only 13 images were used in the final collection. Images which didn’t make the cut were dumped as “discarded data into the virtual landfill,” according to LG.

How it works

  1. Select digital waste images to be upcycled
  2. Tilda reinterprets the images into clothing designs (considering patterns, lines, colour combinations)
  3. Process of upcycling (aka secondhand denim/fabric) ensues
  4. Clothes are produced from the final reinterpretations

The proceeds from Tilda’s project will be donated to marginalized artists.

Check out the video below for more details.