The thin black box slips open easily, revealing a smooth, sleek device. You can grab it comfortably with two fingers, and almost mistake it for a file folder. Naturally, the first thing you’ll notice is its weight. When you pick it up, you’ll have an instinct to turn it over, examine it, ensure it’s all there. Can it truly be that light? Yup. It’s lustrous, light and smooth to the touch. Meet the unique LG gram 16” ultra-lightweight laptop, aptly named.

These days, we’re never without our devices. Working from home is a permanent feature in all of our lives, and with a pandemic that’s been dragging on for over a year, connecting digitally is essential to our survival, both personally and professionally. So, to live life day to day, we need a laptop that can keep up with our lifestyle. We need it for work, we need it for play; we need it for living every single day.

The new LG gram 16” is part of the 2021 lineup of powerful, ultra-light, sleek laptops. Weighing in at just under 3 pounds (1,190 grams), it holds the Guinness Book of World Records for the lightest 16” laptop. LG is a pro at this though; they hold the title for the world’s lightest 17” laptop as well.

How does it achieve this feat? The LG gram is made from magnesium alloy, one of the strongest and lightest metals, which allows the screen technology to be more flexible, which helps protect it against damage. This piece is key – as we’re swinging our laptop around from place to place, we need a device that can handle some wear and tear, and this checks that box. In fact, the LG gram laptops meet the military standard of durability and reliability that takes 7 factors into account, from shock and dust to high and low temperatures.


Prop it up in the living room to stream a workout? Toss it in our shoulder bag to take to the park? Squeeze it into our overnight bag for the cottage? Spend 10+ hours hunched over our dining room table, churning out work? Stream our latest binge watch in bed? Yup, yup, yup. The LG gram 16” covers it all.

The sleek design includes a 16:10 display, which means the width is 1.6 times the height, close to the golden ratio – an aesthetically pleasing ratio and a rarity among laptops. The enlarged keyboard and touchpad make typing a breeze, the screen folds up and down easily, and even the keyboard font is unique. In short, LG has succeeded in designing a durable, fast and sleek machine that feels like a dream to use.

Another essential feature the LG gram checks off: battery power. With an impressive life of up to 22 hours away from an outlet depending on usage, the extended battery life helps us stay on the go without having to worry about needing to charge up. When we took the lil’ guy out for a test drive, it stood up to its promise – keeping up with us all day and night.

Are we sold? Yes, indeed. The LG gram 16” fits the bill on so many levels – in short, it’s the perfect little device for our on-the-go life, and once the world opens up again, it’ll be the perfect accompaniment.

Available in Obsidian Black and Quartz Silver, the LG gram 2021 lineup features 14,16- and 17-inch models plus a 16-inch 2-in-1 model launching at the end of June. Pricing starts at $1,599 for the 14-inch model. Available at select retailers including Costco, Amazon, Best Buy, Staples, and Canada Computers.

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*This post was made possible by LG Canada, however opinions expressed are our own.