Japanese luxury car manufacturers Lexus and world-renown producer and DJ Mark Ronson have partnered together on a global campaign celebrating the launch of the all new Luxury Coupe. Shot on location in beautiful Ibiza, renowned for its iconic coastal roads and crystal blue waters, the stunning Ibizan vistas provide the backdrop to highlight the incredible new design and performance of the LC.

Inspired by the ground-breaking LC luxury coupe and sights & sounds of globally renowned musical hotspot Ibiza, the campaign features an interactive short film which allows music and car fans alike the chance to take the incredible new Lexus LC driving experience to the next level.  Viewers have the opportunity to score their own track to the drive by becoming the DJ themselves, accessing a bespoke platform designed to create their track using the Novation Launchpad music sequencer using exclusive music produced by Ronson in the studio.

Take a peek at the incredible video we shot in Ibiza with music produced by us and Ronson below. If you are feeling inspired you can score your own track to the ultimate LC driving experience here, now.