Lawn Chair Beer Launch: A Hop City Event

After debuting on the scene last Fall with their delicious Barking Squirrel lager, Hop City Brewing launched yet another tasty beer on Wednesday night in the always stunning Andrew Richard Designs Loft.  Starting out with some yummy comfort food courtesy of east end Gastro Pub Prohibition, slowly but surely, keg after keg of their latest Lawn Chair “Classic” Weisse, the Hop City folk partied it up pint in hand!

With well-known Toronto band Grand Analog spinning some well-selected tunes between sets of their dub hip-hop, guests took turns posing for characatures and taking cheeky shots in the Snapz photo-booth!

Click here to track down a pint of Barking Squirrel or Lawn Chair and be sure to take a gander at the photos below!