Live Music: Cut Copy at Circa, Toronto

Last night I went to Circa Nightclub to watch Cut Copy. I had very mixed emotions surrounding going to this show, the main reason being is that Circa is a nightclub, not a concert venue, because of this it makes for a terrible concert-going experience. Well surprise surprise, I was right, last nights show was a fucking nightmare. I feel kind of feel bad, because last night got a touch out of hand.

Here’s why. Circa is a nightclub with a capacity of upwards to four-thousand people. These four-thousand people can be easily spread out between the three floors, two additional stages, the bathroom bar, and the back bar when it is your average club night. However, when those four-thousand people are all there to see a band that is performing on the main stage in a room that has the capacity to comfortable fit about fifteen-hundred people, things get pretty gruesome. The whole time people were pushing, shoving, and elbowing all to try and wedge themselves into an area that already had way to much people there to begin with. There reached a point where we all had had enough and decided to leave. This was after an incident that I was party to, in which I acted very poorly and I am a little embarrassed about. I will not go into details.

Regardless of all the mayhem that was this show, Cut Copy performed extraordinarily well. They really are a great band that makes great music. The can get the crowd moving, which in normal circumstances is a good thing. If you ever have a chance to see them perform live I strongly encourage and recommend you go… unless it is at Circa. Seriously.