LACOSTE Collaborates With J. Crew

Lacoste for J Crew 2015-3

Designers collaborating with stores have become a theme in fashion. The latest edition is J. Crew’s collaboration with LACOSTE to create special polos for men, women and babies (the baby onesies need proper recognition for how adorable they are).

While the polo design will remain pretty classic, the iconic LACOSTE logo will use an archival blue crocodile from 1983, exclusively for the partnership with J. Crew.

“Lacoste is just such a classic – The fabric is so well made it just gets better with age,” says Jenny Cooper, head of crewcut designs at J. Crew.  I had a Lacoste shirt that I wore for almost 10 years…We love the history and timelessness.”

The exclusive polos are available at select stores in Toronto or online at

Lacoste for J Crew 2015-2

Lacoste for J Crew 2015-1

Lacoste for J Crew 2015