Kylie Jenner has recently made Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list–not that we’re surprised!

Her Kylie Cosmetics line was the talk of 2016 (a WWD imprint even named it the Best Indie Beauty Brand of 2016), and it appears as though the youngest Jenner plans to keep her streak going, seeing as she’s already dropping new products in 2017.

Introducing the Royal Peach Palette: a brand new 12-shade set, with colours ranging from soft browns to bright peaches. An olive-green, bright blue, and muted purple give the palette an unexpected, yet fun, twist.

This palette configuration is different from her previous 9-shade palettes, as it includes a brush and a smaller mirror.

The Royal Peach Palette retails for $45 USD and will be available online at come January 12th.

Here’s to more Kylie Cosmetics products this year!

Check out Kylie’s snap to see a sneak peek of the #RoyalPeachPalette #Jan12th 3pm ?

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The Royal Peach Palette is here … 12 shades, a mirror, and brush for $45 #Jan12 3pm pst ?

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Swatches #TheRoyalPeachPalette

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swatch names left to right: Mojito, Peachy, Sandy, Duchess, Seashell, Sorbet #TheRoyalPeachPalette #Jan12

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