Kitsuné Golf Club Spring Summer 10 – Pt. 2

There are somethings the French do that no one else seems to be able to, wine, cheese, existential angst, Electro and House music, and fashion! Yes these are arguable, but think about it for a while. Come on… yeah see.

Keeping in line with this trend of excellence comes the “Kitsuné Golf Club” spring summer collection 2010. Taking their obviously inspiration from the idyllic country-club golf course, the collection features pastel colours and flawless silhouettes, relaxed and elegant fabrics. There are many pieces in this collection that would work in any aspect of your life, whether casual encounters to late-night seaside strolls along the beach, important business meetings to high-fives over a beer.

Oh and the model bears a striking resemblance to Napoleon Dynamite.