Kit & Ace Opens Sorry Coffee Co. in Toronto


After much buzz over the last few months, Kit & Ace’s coffee bar, Sorry Coffee Co. is now finally open in the back of their shiny new Bloor Street West Toronto flagship. A new venture for the brand that’s made a name for themselves creating and designing with Technical Cashmere, Sorry Coffee Co. is one of the first Kit & Ace locations to offer coffee within their shop. The space fuses the brands hyper local elements like a lighting fixture designed by Thomas Morgan of Radar Design alongside contemporary design elements like black tiles, creamy marble counters, spark white walls, as well as Kit & Ace’s signature touch of copper.

Sorry Coffee Co. will offer locally sourced coffee from De Mello Palheta roasters, a selection of teas from Sloane Fine Tea Merchants, croissants and pain au chocolat from La Bamboche, and plenty of Sorry’s emblazoned on their aprons, walls, and even pencils by the cash. The name of course is a nod to the well know Canadian apologetic nature. Beverages are served in signature paper cups featuring a logo designed by a local artists every three months; the first artist they’ll feature is independent graphic designer and art director Roger Dario.

Take a look inside Sorry Coffee Co.’s Toronto location, which is open now at 102 Bloor Street West.