Australian, experimental, electronic, stylishly confrontational, raw, eclectic, sexual, stunning. These are just some words to describe the effervescent Kirin J Callinan. His debut album Embracism came out back in 2013 and now we’ve got a new album to look forward to, as Callinan releases the video for his new single “The Teacher” featuring New Zealand neighbour Connan Mockasin. As the YouTube description reads, the track is about “Love & loss & gettin’ schooled…” Callinan had this to say about the video to Fader

I wanna acknowledge those behind the scenes who were essential to the making o’ the clip, especially with such limited resources, startin’ with champion whistler Molly Lewis and producer extraordinaire Jason Trucco, whom together and apart found the locations, the talent, the pizza and the patience. Also, I gutta thank Effi Shoua for the space & the time, his kids & his lights, as well as Kii Arens for his camera, Hiromi Oshima for the kiss, Ethan Silverman for the kicks, Marquis & Wolfy for being up for it, The Oaks School Hollywood, Nuspace on Beverly, and the Sexy Sax Man Sergio Flores, who leant us his sexy sax.

Check out the Kristofski directed video above. Callinan’s new album is due out next year via Terrible Records. We were lucky enough to catch him play some new demos recently in Brooklyn. Keeping our fingers crossed that his “Swipe In The Name Of Love” Tinder anthem track makes the cut.