Our favourite Australian Nail Polish brand Kester Black have just announced a brand new range of winter polishes featuring a new formula which includes a water permeable base. That might not mean a lot to you, but basically when you wear polishes with non-permeable bases it dries out your manicure and eventually damages your nails if worn for prolonged periods of time. Their new formula ensures your nails can actually breathe and behave naturally without the restrictions of the usual stifling bases you find in most polishes. This transition will eventually take affect across Kester Black’s entire product range by 2017.

This colour quad will features a softer palette than usual with a charcoal grey, hazy blush, moonlight blue, and lagoon green, all cutely named Soot, Lapis, Petal and Typhoon.

Take a closer look at the colours below now and head here to shop the collection

Kester Black Soot Kester Black Typhoon Kester Black Lapis Kester Black Petal