Kele “Everything You Wanted”

I’m super sad that Kele will not be at Osheaga this weekend, but at least we get a new video for the love (non-sexual, only mildly homoerotic) of my life! The new video, “Everything You Wanted” from Kele’s solo album The Boxer, has the singer walking around New York, singing passionately and crying. I love Kele so it makes me sad to see him cry. I like this song, but it is REALLY Bloc Party-y, I really do wish that Kele had taken a more… Electro approach to this album. The single is out August 16 on Wichita/Polydor in the UK, with remixes by Fred Falke, DJ Mujava, RAC, Punks Jump Up, and Disco of Doom.

Check out the video below.