Katy Perry has surprised literally everyone with the release of her new single “Rise.” This is the first music we’ve heard from her in three years, and Katy is coming for all of our throbbing, pop-loving hearts at breakneck speed.

As the official track for NBC’s 2016 Rio Olympics coverage (honestly, not a bad gig to land for your comeback single), that information alone should tip off what you’re in for with this track. “Rise” is a chilling, stunning anthem loaded with lyrical affirmations to give you the strength to make it through any crisis. Hell, we’re pumped with alkaline water and bench pressing 200 by the end of this track – take that as you will.

Crying out “victory is in your veins,” we witness the emergence of Katy Perry embracing the allure of “apocalyptic doomsday-esque dark pop,” which is an unexaggerated, highly accurate description of the tone of this track provided by our fellow news editor Christina Ventura. “Rise” was produced by Swedish music genius Max Martin (and thankfully not Dr. Luke), because of course, it was, and with that, we must applaud all of the surprising little production elements that built up to make this song just so damn good. Shout out to the well-placed fog horn in the hair-raising pre-chorus!

“Rise” is the pop song we never thought we needed. “Rise” is the pop song 2016 has so desperately deserved.

Leave all your doubts behind and listen to “Rise” below exclusively on Apple Music.