Kate Bosworth for Topshop’s ‘The Collection’

Kate Bosworths for Topshop

After successful collections with Jewel Mint and years as the face of Coach and Calvin Klein, Kate Bosworth continues to collaborate with Topshop for the winter season with a forty-six piece collection.

Available at Hudson’s Bay stores across Toronto and Vancouver, The Collection features that relaxed casual cool we’ve come to expect from Bosworth. Inspired by Piet Mondrian the line features a metallic t-shirts, biker pants, silk chiffon shirt dresses, a fabulous metallicized sheering biker jacket, ‘The Collection’ is full of must-haves for the fall winter season.

Bosworth describes the Michael Polish shot collection as, “tailored and classic… for fall, we wanted to create luxurious pieces with a strong minimalist approach. Slim silhouettes are cloaked in a masculine shape, staying true to the mix of masculine/feminine balance that exists in my personal aesthetic.”

View the still lookbook below as well as the video campaign.

Kate Bosworths for Topshop-10

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