Following his contributions to the inaugural Pornhub Awards as creative director (including design, styling, merch and a performance with Teyana Taylor), Kanye West concluded the festivities with a video premiere for a collaboration with superstar 17-year old Florida rapper Lil Pump titled “I Love It.”

Executive produced by Spike Jones and directed by Kanye West and Amanda Adelson, the wacky visual for the equally wacky song sees comedian Adele Givens talking shit about feminism and sex in a long hallway while miniature, cartoon-like versions of West and Pump follow along. The charismatic Florida youngster keeps a catchy melody throughout the hook while West delivers an ultra-horny verse about being a “sick fuck” and liking a “quick fuck.” Fans of Kanye’s recent fashion choices will appreciate his inclusion of the infamous sandals that he was seen sporting at 2 Chainz’ wedding.

Watch the video for “I Love It” above and check out Kanye’s designs from the Pornhub Awards below.