Josh Homme and Alex Turner on Beats 1 ‘Alligator Hour’


“My guest today is origami teacher, hand model, and international monopoly champion Alex Turner.” That’s how Josh Homme introduced Alex Turner in his Alligator Hour radio show on Apple Music’ Beats 1. The interview was riddled with inside jokes all delivered in Turner’s sarcastic lilt and Homme’s smooth voice. They discussed their names for bars (“The Dumb Fox, “Prehab,” “Alternative Endings”).

Turner brought a list of words that he likes (“obstreperous”) while Homme commented that he’s actually never seen the Arctic Monkeys frontman put pen to paper for a song and just seemed to keep track of all his lyrical changes in his head. They had a really interesting talk about Turner’s insecurities in writing and being known as a lyricist. In between all that, Homme played everything from Portishead to John Lennon. Turner comes in about the 30 minute mark. Listen here.