Designer Josh Goot and stylist Christine Centenera have teamed up to create a unique new line of essentials for men and women.

Wardrobe.NYC re-imagines the concept of a capsule wardrobe with finely tailored basics made from luxurious materials. The pair have designed 4 and 8 packs of clothing for both men and women that can serve as the building blocks for a sophisticated aesthetic. For the girls the 4-pack includes a blazer, a shirt, a t-shirt and a skirt. The 8-pack adds a coat, a knit, a blouse and a pair of leggings to the mix. On the mens side a 4-pack offers a blazer, a shirt, a t-shirt and trousers, while the 8-pack includes an additional coat, hoodie, knit and pant. All the pieces are made in Italy.

Speaking to Vogue about the collection, Centenera said:

“These pieces work together well, but they also form a basis for other fashion to be brought in. For me, they’re really the anchors in my wardrobe.”

Wardrobe.NYC’s pre-packs are available exclusively at Take a look at a few of the simple and elegant pieces below.