JoJo “Anything” Uncapped Remix ft. Casey Veggies


Following JoJo’s electric #uncapped performance in the West Village, the young songstress sat down with Miss Info to speak on her growing pains and how they’ve affected her music over the years, as well as working with Casey Veggies and not knowing the deal with her record label. When asked about her break out hit, Leave, Get Out, JoJo said, “I hadn’t been kissed yet… so yea, it was really weird.  I was very lucky to be given some very strong songs at a young age, you know, I didn’t write Leave, Get Out.  The team I was working with identified that and it really changed my life.  I love seeing the joy on peoples’ faces when they remember when they heard that song, and I relate to it now, because I’ve been kissed now…” That’s really the first indication that she’s been fighting to have her voice heard. She goes on to talk briefly about her label situation, “I just can’t wait to be on the other side so I could really, really talk about it, because there’s a pending lawsuit…It’s incredibly depressing. And when people are reaching out and saying ‘why, why ,why?’ and ‘we love you’ and ‘why can’t you come out’ and ‘why can’t you do this?’…But you can’t. It kinda felt like, I know why the caged bird sings, because she friggin has to.” During the #uncapped performance and interview the whole crowd was in awe that JoJo, only 22, had such a powerful voice and even more powerful point of view.

You can listen and download JoJo’s “Anything” Uncapped Remix featuring Casey Veggies below:

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