Jimmy Choo X H&M


If you haven’t already heard Jimmy Choo is taking on the world of affordable fashion for H&M next month, yuppie!  His line will include everything from cloths to accessories and of course shoes. Yesterday I was reminded of the release when The Cut released some beautiful photos of the shoes and clothes along some other news of the suede and leather used to create the line.  That’s right ladies (and men!) real suede and leather!!!!

Who would have thought? Affordable fashion for the masses detailed with natural fabrics and materials! I’m not such a huge fan of suede clothes, but the one-shouldered gray sculpted dress in the photo above is both wearable and flattering (unlike most suede clothes I’ve seen), and I’m sure the price will be reasonable as well.  I have to admit I’m not loving everything I’ve seen so far in the collection, it seems he really tried to cater to a wide range of buyer demographics.  But let’s be honest here, as far as I’m concerned, he can design whatever he wants as long as we get some of those yummy shoes!

Check out my picks of the upcoming like below.  Most of the shoes are absolutely breathtaking for H&M standards (real leather thigh-high boots for $299 US), let’s hope there all they’re cracked up to be when I get my hands on them next month!

Oh, and don’t worry men, Choo’s got you covered as well with an equally lux collection of menswear including shoes, and accessories!

Choo’s new line is set to drop on November 14th in Toronto and select stores. Anyone want to line up with me?



Photo’s Via The Cut