Jimmy Choo X H&M Part Quatre

I am literally counting the days.  I know in previous posts I have been all about the shoes, but this time I am lusting after some bags. Specifically the ones below.

Now, I know that last thing anyone needs is a clutch (example: “I need this clutch to make sure I have my lipstick with me”, “I need this clutch. Hopefully I can fit my iPhone in it”). I myself have over 25 of these fashion accessories, so don’t get me wrong, I love them, but they certainly aren’t utilitarian enough for everyday use. Nonetheless I am still going to seriously consider grabbing at the $70 lipstick container on the 14th (photo, left)!

The right one is completely leather (oh la la Mr. Choo, you shouldn’t have!), I love the huge tassel and the gold zipper detailing. I must note that this bag is the exact opposite of the aforementioned clutch, however it is completely leather, and costs more than four times more ($300).  It also comes with more logical justifications as to why one might need this bag (example: “I need this bag because it can hold 50 lipsticks and my iPhone too!”).  Hopefully it will look as chic up close in person on November 14th!

The middle one is my back up incase I can’t get the other two! It’s also leather and costs about $180.

Happy grabbing girlies!

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