JGoods Sneaker Restoration Kit

One of the saddest things for me to see when I reach into my shoe closet is a scuff on one of my favourite pairs of sneakers. In my heart of hearts, I always know that that scuff is the first step (literally) in the inevitable demise of my shoes. Well finally someone who understands my pain has come a long and created a solution, and that is the JGoods Sneaker Restoration Kit

This all-in-one kit, which cleverly comes in a shoe box includes a complete guide to sneaker restoration, a 12-inch square white towel, a stiff scrub brush, a melamine foam pad, JGoods Finish Remover, white and black JGoods Leather Paint, a high-quality paint brush, cotton swabs, and a scourer sponge all for the rather fair price of $35 USD.  Brilliant!