Jet Age of Tomorrow ‘The Jellyfish Mentality’ Mixtape

Jet Age of Tomorrow The Jellyfish Mentality Mixtape

Among the many Odd Future side projects and offshoots is a group called the Jet Age of Tomorrow, made up of Matt Martians (also of the Internet) and Hal Williams (aka Pyramid Vritra). On Friday, May 24, they’ll release a free album called The JellyFish Mentality, via It features a collage of Odd Future-affiliated collaborators that include Earl Sweatshirt, Domo Genesis, Hodgy Beats, Mac Miller, Kilo Kish, production from SBTRKT, and more.

 The Jellyfish Mentality tracklisting:

01 Warping Walls
02 Special K (Wombats)
03 Desert N’ The Dark (JAOT Dub) [ft. the Stepkids]
04 ON!
05 Juney Jones [ft. Mac Miller and Speak]
06 Panic on Pluto (interlude) [produced by SBTRKT and Matt Martians]
07 Not So Scary [ft Kilo Kish]
08 Love in Water
09 Lily Pads
10 A Place Where Lovers Go [ft. Jesse Boykins III]
11 Machines Machines (interlude)
12 One Take [ft. Earl Sweatshirt and Casey Veggies]
13 SuperFine
14 Mushy
15 The Door’s Door
16 Asia [ft Mike G]
17 Squares
18 Wonderful World [ft. Domo Genesis and Vince Staples]
19 Naked [ft. Hodgy Beats]
20 Airport (interlude)
21 Telephones