Jeremy and The Harlequins “Trip Into the Light”

Jeremy and The Harlequins

We’re excited to discover Brooklyn-based quintet Jeremy and the Harlequins who makes a mark for itself in an era of digitized, recycled beats. Their sound is all about the rockabilly, blues, and rock ‘n’ roll making their songs 50’s throwbacks which you’d rock out in a bar while slinging back a glass of cheap whisky.

“Cam Girl” is the band’s EP opener starts off with all the right hooks for a catchy song; infectious handclaps, catchy riff, and a easy melody you can belt your heart out to after a couple of listens.

You can download their track, “Trip Into The Light”, which is available here. It’s punctured with raw vocals, foot-stompers, and the screeching wails of guitar solo, making it a good break from all of the electronic beats that’s been common buzz generators recently.