Music Video: Jay-Z “On To The Next One” featuring Swizz Beatz

You know you pretty much run things when you have an album out for four months and you also have as many music videos. Videos aren’t cheap and the music industry rarely puts enough money behind an artist to let them put out two videos per album. When you have four, and you are four months deep you are either doing something right, or you are Jay-Z. In this case, it is Jay-Z. Checkout out the latest video from his Blueprint 3 album, “On to the Next One” produced and featuring Swizz Beatz. I love this song, a lot, and I really like the video. I suggest all of you check it out.

On a side-note, the discussion surrounding this video on the YouTube site, is hilarious! It is almost worth checking out just to read, it mostly revolves around Jay-Z being a “Satanist”, and a “Mason” because of the images in the video. Controversial? or are people just projecting their own ish onto someone’s art?