Jay-Z Destroys SNL

If you missed the EPIC performance by the King of Hip Hop Jay-Z on Saturday Night Live, you absolutely most watch it now!

Jay’s first performance was an incredible eight-minute long mash-up of classic jams both old and new, backed by his ferociously talented touring band. Rocking a pretty sick leather biker vest Jay Roc(k)ed rocked through “P.S.A.”, “On to the Next One”, “99 Problems”, and touched on”’03 Bonnie and Clyde”, before giving the people what they want “Empire State of Mind”. After watching this eight minute collage performance I am reminded as to why I LOVE to see this man perform. He is a SUPERSTAR and he rocks out like one is expected too.

When he took the stage for his second performance, he brought along up-and-coming, Kanye West endorsed, producer/crooner Mr. Hudson to help perform the single “Forever Young”.

Check out both videos below!