While the wildfire of riches to be made in the NFT market has started to settle down there is no stopping the movement. As we move towards a metaverse type world of cryptocurrencies, designer clothing for digital avatars, it only makes sense that we will need original art to hang on our digital walls. It’s a fascinating new world of endless possibilities. One such new possibility is the first-ever NFT collection from Japanese artist Haroshi titled RECYCLED PIXELS presented by LGND.

From skateboarder to self-taught woodworker, Tokyo-based artist Haroshi’s work ranges from detailed sculptures to large installations predominately made using elements of recycled skateboard decks. His colourful and visually stimulating works include everyday recognizable objects such as skulls, sneakers, guitars, fire hydrants, and vintage toys. Coming off a very successful exhibition at Nanzuka – Contemporary Art Gallery in Tokyo which sold out before it even opened, Haroshi’s NFT collection will officially launch the same day that the exhibit closes. Consisting of three limited-edition NFTs inspired by his most iconic pieces– Middle Finger, FreeHydrant and Skull, the digital art will also feature some elements of movement and sound, providing new dimension and context.

“We’re excited to work with Haroshi on his genesis NFT which fully embraces this digital medium,” says Ty Carter, Head of the Artist Council at LGND. “Haroshi is pushing the analog into a new space by asking what it means to be virtual.”

RECYCLED PIXELS is currently available to preview on LGND.art and will officially launch on Sunday, August 8th at 8 PM (EST). Start saving up your crypto now!