There are few things that go hand in hand better than live music and a glass of Jameson Irish Whiskey. Obviously we jumped at the chance to join Jameson in studio with Arkells for a very special recording experience earlier this week. Let’s recap, shall we?

We’re no stranger to the in studio environment behind the scenes with artists, but this time around Jameson made things extra special. By enlisting Toronto-based sound engineer and Noah Mintz of Lacquer Channel Mastering, together with Arkells, they set out to record the session straight to vinyl on vintage equipment. In case you’re unfamiliar, most tracks these days are mixed, mastered, and recorded over a number of takes entirely on digital, but instead, on this unique occasion, it all went down completely analogue, just as it would have back in the day. Why vinyl you ask? Ask any music connoisseur and they’ll tell you their favourite way to listen to music is on vinyl, simply because it just sounds completely different in the best way possible.

We had the chance to sit down in studio, sipping on Jameson’s Triple Distilled Irish Whiskey with Mintz, the Arkells, and special guest Sam Harris, lead vocalist X Ambassadors (who would play Saxophone on one of the tracks), and watch it all go down. After a few hours of practicing and warming up, they were finally ready to record the track straight to wax in just one take.

Check out our behind the scenes photos below and head here to watch the Facebook Live.