James Franco for 10 Men Summer 2012

James Franco takes control of the cover of the Summer 2012 issue of 10 Men magazine, photographed by Cedric Buchet. Franco rocks a beautiful classic tuxedo as he gets down and dirty in a food truck. The piece is simple, yet lovely in it’s simplicity. Here’s what editorial director Antony Miles had to say:

Editor’s Letter

So, let’s just state the f-ing obvious: we’ve chucked yet another celebrity on the cover of our fine men’s mag – Mr James Franco. Is he a celebrity? An actor? Or just a caffeine junkie? You decide. I personally think he’s rather hot in a little Gucci made-to-measure number.

The rest of our issue is dedicated to the Autumn/Winter shows. Boys, boys, boys wearing top togs and the odd naked torso. You may think we’re a little pre mature but have you never heard of a waiting list? At least thanks to us there’s a slim chance you can beat it. 

And in the style of our blog, that’s enough said about the issue. Short and sweet. That’s all you’re getting from me, Tenners. See you back here in September.

Bye-bye for now.

Antony Miles