J.Crew Presents: Man of Monocle Lookbook

Now I am not normally down with the J.Crew sense of style. Perhaps it is from my youth and the general stigma that has been associated with the J.Crew brand. However, this interesting collaboration with Monocle magazine has opened my eyes to my prejudicial assumptions. The cloths embodied a sense of geeky-sophistication, and nerdy class. I am loving the ties, both bow and straight, as well as the button-up shirts and sweaters. Actually I think it is safe to say that I love this entire collection, the playful yet distinguished look is excellent executed here. Getting in on the fun, the staff at Monocle acted as the models for the J.Crew Spring/Summer 2010 Collection. Included in the shoot are Monocle editor-in-chief Tyler Brulee, Alexander Mills, Andrew Tuck, Robert Bound, Takeharo Sato, Saul Taylor, Tom Morris and Yoshitsugu Takagi.

Oh how fun!  Check it out!