J. Crew On Film Videos

J. Crew | Jenna Lyons | Shoe Collection

J. Crew has just launched two new short films that are almost too delicious to bare. The first of which is called Shiny Ponies and features Creative Director Jenna Lyons talking about her personal shoe collection (she has over 289 pairs!!!!!) while showing off the labels current range of stunning pairs for the season. Also featured in the clip are shots of the shoes being made by hand in their factory in Pisa, Italy (which totally explains the price tag of most J.Crew shoes) and why they pay special attention to shoes, from production sketches, to fabric, to fit.

The second video transports us the Biella, Italy where a small family run mill weaves the finest fabrics dating back to the time of Galileo, which are used to construct the brands Ludlow suit (once again justifying the hefty price tag). Blending tradition and heritage, the fabric used to create the Ludlow suit make it truly a must have item you wont simply dispose, but something to cherish for years to come.

Both videos are positively infectious to watch, and we highly recommend you take a moment and enjoy below. Serious respect J. Crew!

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