iPhone Gaming Cases: How they Affect Your Gaming Performance

Want to be a mobile gaming guru? You need to use every tool available to ramp up your game. While your iPhone case might not be the first thing you imagine when you’re looking for ways to improve, it actually matters more than you think. If you want to conquer the world of gaming on the go, it pays to learn exactly how a gaming case can make or break you.

When you’re in the middle of a gaming session, the last thing you want to think about is your phone’s performance. If you buy the right case for the job, you won’t have to.

Why You Should Care About Your Case

So, you’re ready to get started on the heaviest gaming session of the century. You’ve downloaded everything you need, you’ve updated your device, and you’ve even got one of those nifty new mobile headsets everyone is buzzing about. Think you’re all set? Think again.

Even if you managed to snag the hottest new iPhone on the market, you still need to make sure you’re giving yourself everything you need to succeed with gaming. We’ve done the research, and our verdict reads loud and clear: You need a gaming case. If you really want to level up and maximize your experience as a mobile gamer, this is one aspect you can’t ignore.

Cases can protect against falls and subsequent breaking, they can add a sturdier component and screen protection, and they can look pretty cool to boot. However, a case can also affect your phone’s performance and subsequently your own performance while using it. It’s simply an intelligent gaming tactic to pick the right case for the job.

Remember, choosing the correct case is essential for smart gamers. You can take your mobile games anywhere with you, but a bare iPhone could spell a recipe for disaster.

Using every strategy at your disposal to maximize your performance just makes sense. For example, say you’re an online poker enthusiast who loves playing on the go. You’d be sure to study up on psychology, statistics, and poker math to give yourself an edge. It’s only a natural extension of your research to examine how your specific mobile device and its accessories affect other performance factors, so that you attain every available advantage. And as it turns out, these factors matter more than you may think.

Choosing the right phone case will protect battery life, prevent overheating, and even enhance your comfort while playing. This will allow you to play for longer (without having to worry about whether your device can handle your game), enhance your gameplay, and let you truly thrive. If you’re a die-hard gamer, it’s a no-brainer: you need a case.

Ergonomic Cases Provide Maximum Comfort

If you’re going to be playing for longer periods of time, it’s imperative you get yourself an iPhone case that makes you feel comfortable. The best iPhone cases for gamers must be ergonomic, non-slip to provide an easy grip, and fit comfortably in your hands so that you can really get into your session.

No matter which case you decide on, comfort is king—your case should fit your hands like a glove to give you the best possible gaming experience.

Depending on where, how, and which games you like to play, there are other features which may help you out. For example, many gaming cases come with a kickstand. If you prefer to hold your phone at all times, you won’t need anything like this. However, if you like to set it down once in a while to watch intros or longer scenes, it can be a great boon.

Likewise, you can get a case which has a magnetic attachment for playing or watching scenes in the car. You definitely don’t need this if you’re going to be the driver, but these types of cases can be great for longer road-trips and journeys where you’re sitting shotgun with nothing to do. The Chytah 5-In-1 Foldable Gaming & Multipurpose iPhone Case is a great example of this, giving you a durable and rugged case with a kickstand, a magnetic strip, and great protection for your phone all in one place.

When you stay comfortable, your gaming experience improves. You can concentrate on the task at hand without having to shift around and break your focus, and you’ll be able to play games wherever you prefer—a win-win, if ever there was one.

Heat Protection & Improved Battery Life

Although comfort is important, it isn’t the only factor you have to consider when buying a case. One of the biggest problems mobile gamers encounter is a less-than-ideal battery life. You know the scene. You’re engrossed in an epic battle or plowing through a foreign land in search of treasure when all of a sudden—bam! Low battery.

Continuously using certain apps (especially those with high graphics like games) will wear down your battery life over time. It may also cause your phone to get hot, giving you a double-whammy of discomfort and technical problems. Eventually, the heat will erode your hardware, causing your battery life to get even shorter. How can you fix it?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a case which can give you infinite battery life. However, there are cases which can improve the life of your battery. The Apple Smart Battery Case and the Mophie Juice Pack Wireless offer good options for on-the-go charging with your case.

What about overheating? The fact of the matter is that a phone case will generally cause overheating rather than prevent it. Since the backing makes it more difficult for heat to escape, you’ll find more hot air trapped inside which leads to more overheating and less battery life. That’s why it’s essential to buy a case designed specifically with heat and battery life in mind.

Chytah makes a Universal Gaming Grip Controller which has an ergonomic grip, built-in fans to keep your device cool, and a 1200mAh battery so you can charge your phone on the go while playing. However, it is rather bulky. If this is a problem, search out something like the Razer Arctech for iPhone, which is designed to protect battery life and prevents overheating while offering a sleek and slim build.

Independent research has confirmed that during an intense 2-hour gaming session, the Razer Arctech gaming case kept a phone’s temperature consistently lower than a competitor.

Screen Covers Reduce Blue Light Damage

We’ve all been there. You’re in the midst of a vital mission, trying to concentrate and blinking the sweat from your face. However, there’s a problem: Your eyes are straining against the light from the screen. They’re drying out, it’s painful, and it’s ruining your concentration.

It’s incredibly important for your health to protect your eyes against blue light damage and the digital eye strain which can come along with intense and lengthy gaming sessions. Your blink rate can be reduced by up to half when using your device, so strain can be a definite problem.

However, a screen protector can help you avoid blue light damage and eye strain, all while guarding your screen from smudges, scratches, and other mishaps. OcuShield, SmartDevil, and RetinaGuard all offer scratch and smudge-resistant screens which protect against blue light, reducing eye strain and any discomfort which may come along with it.

Playing with the proper screen protector is great for your health and good for your gaming performance—you’ll be able to play for extended periods of time, getting in practice sessions and good old-fashioned marathons without putting unnecessary strain on your eyes.

At the end of the day, the phone case and screen protector you buy is up to you. Some people go for a more ergonomic design and forego screen protection, while others prefer to focus on heat protection and battery life. You know which factors are most important to you, so what are you waiting for? Get out there and buy the best iPhone case for you.