INVENTORY Magazine’s Stussy Canada Spring 2011 Lookbook

Owen Parrott and Ryan Willims of INVENTORY Magazine got together with Stussy Canada to shoot a lookbook previewing a selection of looks for the Spring 2011 season. Here’s what Stussy Canada had to say about it:

A couple of weeks ago Owen and I started working on a small project for Stussy. The international brand has played a huge roll in the growth of streetwear and the way that collaboration has become a big part of the market. This coming season, Stussy is launching a Canada specific range featuring simple, basic items such as fleece sweats, cotton tees, button up shirts and a hand-knit Cowichan sweater made by Canadian Sweater Company. I recently shot some looks for the small capsule collection and Owen will be producing a short video aspect of the project within the next couple of weeks.

I shot all of the images with my Canon F1 35mm camera. I used a mix of colour and black and white film for the shoot. I was mostly focused on using the black and white as much as possible, and I felt pretty good about how the shots came out overall.