Toronto’s own luxury cannabis culture purveyor, coffee shop, and lifestyle brand Tokyo Smoke enters a new frontier by introducing a unique collaboration with Aphria Inc. This collaboration is the first time a Canadian consumer brand will partner with a Licensed Producer to launch their own medicinal cannabis in Canada. But wait there’s more! Tokyo Smoke isn’t just producing one strain of marijuana but four! Each designed and grown to provide a very specific outcome to the user.

The first strain is Tokyo Smoke Go, an energizing jumpstart to the mind and body designed to give a burst of energy and creativity. The second is Tokyo Smoke Relax which puts the body and mind at ease allowing you to unwind and enjoy. The third is Tokyo Smoke Relief, a natural antidote to daily intensities, allowing for the restorative release of mind and body. Finally, there is the Tokyo Smoke Balance, which helps create a refined rhythm between recreation and imagination, a nice balance between body and mind.

All four strains will launch as a part of a kit which features unique Tokyo Smoke packaging, five grams of each strain along with custom crafted black glass jars and special welcome accessories. This kit will retail for $250 CAD and is available to order through the Aphria website,

As Tokyo Smoke’s approach and appeal is aimed at the sophisticated cannabis user, they’ve also partnered with premium vaporizer company PAX for a limited edition branded Tokyo Smoke PAX 3. The Tokyo Smoke PAX 3 will be limited to 100 units and will be available exclusively as a part of a one-time launch kit which will include all the above-mentioned goodies AND the PAX 3 and will retail for $500 CAD. A sweet deal when all things are stacked up.

You can purchase your Tokyo Smoke kit here, now, or if you are keen, enter the contest the brand is holding for your chance to win these amazing prizes.

Disclaimer: Tokyo Smoke’s four strains are grown and distributed by Aphria under the ACMPR (Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations), the cannabis strains will be available to patients with a valid medical prescription as of now.

Click here to enter to win a Tokyo Smoke x PAX 3 Launch Kit.