This marks the first Rtfkt x Nike hoodie collaboration, with the private mint happening on July 21. As Vogue Business notes, Rtfkt has been called the “Supreme of the metaverse” thanks to its hyped-up digital sneaker drops. The design company is now owned by Nike, which is working hard to make its Web3 presence known. This hoodie can be worn by Clone X avatars and real-life holders. Each hoodie comes with a near-field communication (NFC) chip to enable connectivity between the garment and digital assets. Owners of the hoodie may also wish to add augmented reality (AR) effects, such as wings, done so by using a QR code and trackers. A future plan is to allow this NFC chip to enable “token-gated access to physical events,” according to Vogue Business.

The offer is available for Clone X, Rtfkt, and Nike Dunks Genesis Cryptokicks holders only.

(Quick refresh: In February, the Nike NFT Cryptokicks sneakers sold for $130,000.)

Photos via Nike and Rtfkt