Let’s start off with acknowledging that there are very few better feeling moments as a dude than leaving the barber all clean-cut and laced up. It’s a feeling of confidence that empowers you to take on the world! Now in a perfect world we would feel that way everyday, but the reality is no one has the time to sit in a barber chair every couple of days to get that fresh-cut feeling. Plus it would be stupid expensive. Thankfully the good folks at Philips feel the same way which is why they introduced the Philips MultiGroom 5000.

The Philips MultiGroom 5000 is a high-tech all in one multi tool designed to keep you looking fresh af all the time. Featuring easy to use attachments that allow you to groom your beard, your hair, moustache, sideburns and even your nose hairs with this waterproof all-in-one trimmer. 8 different attachments give you the freedom to create different styles on your face and hair, while turbo power trims through thick hair gently.

Aside from all the multifunction attachments the Philips MultiGroom 5000 also features a super quick charge system that allows you to charge for an hour to get 60 minutes of continues use. Also, because it is waterproof, once you are done using it you can rinse the blades and combs under the tap in the washroom. So simple.

If you are looking for a tool that will help you stay looking fresh at all times then definitely check out the Philips MultiGroom 5000.


This post was sponsored by Philips Canada.  The views and opinions expressed in this post however, are purely our own.