There are very few things a sneaker-head dreams of more than making their own pair of custom sneakers. Being giving the opportunity to work with their dream silhouette and using any material they want to make their dream shoe is something that is as rare as a unicorn. That is until NikeLab introduced their Bespoke program and the game changed.

The Nike Bespoke process is a hands-on customization process that allows the customer to see, feel and smell (if you’re into that) every piece of material in Nike’s extensive achieve. With the help and advice of the Bespoke team, the three-hour process is comfortable and easy, and designed to have you walk out happy and confidant in your choice.

For us at Sidewalk Hustle we headed to NikeLab 21Mercer in New York to spend time with the Bespoke team and went through every single piece of material that would eventually end up on our custom shoe. We worked on the Air Max 1 silhouette and created what would easily be described as our dream shoe.

Getting hands-on time with literally every single piece of material, from current run, to deadstock it got a bit overwhelming as the choices are almost limitless. Luckily the highly trained team was their to calmly walk us through our choices and offer up suggestions based on their previous experience.

For us there has always been a deep love for the safari print, so when we came across a baby blue sample of the coveted material we knew that would be the centre piece of the shoe. Everything else would be built around it. From pebble off-white leathers to blue suede, each piece came together to build the perfect sneakerhead dream shoe. With little touches like complimentary inverted swooshs, classic gum sole bottoms, and leather insoles, the outcome is this pair of dream shoes.

See the Sidewalk Hustle x NikeLab ‘Hustle’ Bespoke shoes in detail and on foot in the video above. To make your appointment with NikeLab’s Bespoke program click here, now! It’s well worth it.