Sitting atop Elysian Park overlooking Dodgers Stadium and DTLA in the early morning hours, Mercedes-Benz rolled out their latest vision of the future, the Vision EQS. An all-electric vehicle, looking fresh out of Tron, silently into position shinning in the mid-January sun of wintertime Los Angeles.

As Mercedes moves toward a forward-thinking all-electric car fleet, the Vision EQS is meant to act as a guide and inspiration towards the future. A CO₂-neutral vision of what an electric Mercedes S-Class of the (not too distant) future will look like.

A powerful, fast car is crucial, and let’s be honest, even more important is looks. For the Vision EQS Mercedes used its innovative, stretched “one bow” design for a seamless aesthetic. With 229 individual LED stars acting as the rear lighting system, it’s the first time the brand has used its logo this extensively. The car also features big powerful 24-inch multi-spoke wheels, which act as the one design counter piece to the otherwise perfectly flowing body lines, and do a remarkable job emphasizing a luxurious character.

Meanwhile, the interior design was inspired by the world of luxury yachts. With ample room and clean lines, the entire interior is made from sustainable vegan leather (to the touch you may not even realize).

We won’t spend too much time on the interior as it is a vision car, and a lot of the technology that will be inside the car is still theoretical and wasn’t yet installed in the prototype. However, the cockpit of the VISION EQS is intended to feel like the deck of a boat and does indeed feel very luxe.

EQS utilizes a pair of electric motors for the front and rear axles, with a battery integrated into the floor between them. With 469-horsepower (350-kilowatt) power rating and a proposed 435 miles per charge the EQS, with a when the 350 kW charging capability which will reclaim 80 percent power in less than 20 minutes using high-power DC Fast Charging. All this is the intention, with the final numbers not becoming realized until the car is actually ready for the road. In the not too distant future the EQS will be one of the most powerful and luxurious all-electric vehicles on the road.

The Mercedes-Benz Vision EQS is a beautiful sight to behold. A testament to the automotive brand’s commitment to excellence and innovation further securing their place in the future of automotive design and performance.